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Legal Constraints when buying Firearm Parts

Legal Constraints when buying Firearm Parts

Defined by FCA, Act 60 of 2000




Please note:


  1. Any barrel, frame or receiver we sell is a firearm, as defined in the Firearms Control Act, Act 60 of 2000 as amended (FCA), and must follow the normal licensing procedures and Shooting Stuff’s process for selling firearms.
  2.             You will find any of these items we have available under the firearms section of our website.


  1. Parts like magazines, grips, stocks, sights, springs, suppressors, etc. are unregulated parts and may be freely procured, with or without a firearm license, in any quantity.


  1. Take note of Section 94 of the FCA, copied below. We will require your firearm license details when you buy any slide, bolt or breech-block from Shooting Suff.
  2.             You can send a copy to us via e-mail or WhatsApp.
  3.             We’ll shortly provide the opportunity to upload this information to your secure Shooting Stuff account.


We draw your attention to the following definition(s) and section(s) in the Firearms Control Act, Act 60 of 2000 as amended. Our emphasis has been added.


“firearm” means any –


                (a)          device manufactured or designed to propel a bullet or projectile through a barrel or cylinder by means of burning propellant, at a muzzle energy exceeding 8 joules (6 ft-lbs);

                (b)          device manufactured or designed to discharge rim-fire, centre-fire or pin-fire ammunition;

                (c)           device which is not at the time capable of discharging any bullet or projectile, but which can be readily altered to be a firearm within the meaning of paragraph (a) or (b);

                (d)          device manufactured to discharge a bullet or any other projectile of a calibre of 5.6 mm (.22 calibre) or higher at a muzzle energy of more than 8 joules (6 ft-lbs), by means of compressed gas and not by means of burning propellant; or

                (e)          barrel, frame or receiver of a device referred to in paragraphs (a), (b), (c) or (d), but does not include a muzzle loading firearm or any device contemplated in section 5;


  1. Prohibition of possession of firearm parts


  1. For purposes of this section, ‘firearm part’ means a slide, bolt or breech-block of a firearm


  1. No person may possess any firearm part unless he or she –
  2.             holds a licence in respect of a firearm capable of bearing that firearm part;
  3.             holds a dealer’s licence, manufacturer’s licence, gunsmith’s licence, import, export or in-transit permit or transporter’s permit issued in terms of this Act; or
  4.              is otherwise authorised to do so.

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